OFEP: Organic Farmers Exchange Programme

Following our philosophy that exchange should also take place at the grassroots level,OFEP targets young, preferably female farmers who dedicate their lives to organic farming and village life. We want to facilitate quality exchangeby offering Bhutanese farmers the chance to experience and get to know organic farming in Austria. Vice versa Austrian organic farmers will visit their Bhutanese colleagues in order to understand the particular context and challenges faced in the small Himalayan kingdom. Start: 2013 Long-term. Project Code: OFEP001 (Read More)


Go Vocational!

The focus on higher education in Bhutan has led to disregard the importance of vocational training and professions for a vibrant economy and functioning society. Youth are looking for so called “white-collar-jobs” instead of pursuing a career in a vocational profession. Indeed manual labour is mostly not much valued and stigmatized as low level. Additionally there exists no long standing tradition in quality training or advocacy for vocational professions. The objectives of Go Vocational! are to strengthen and enhance vocational training and professions in Bhutan ultimately leading to the creation of new career opportunities and the appreciation of vocational training and professions at large. This will also stimulate the private sector and reduce the youth unemployment, a current issue in the kingdom. Start: Project Code: GVO004 (Read More)