The wandering and storytelling musicians – Promoting intangible culture for Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Bhutan!

Community Vitality and Psychological Well-Being are two of the nine domains of the Gross National Happiness strategy in Bhutan to measure happiness and well-being of a people. Sociality and conviviality are core-ingredients for thriving community vitality in Bhutan that find their expression during festivals and social gatherings.The context for sociality in its many forms is hospitality. Music as a medium of conveying messages and sentiments within hosting events has a long tradition in Bhutan. Sharing food and drinks, dancing and singing together are essential activities in nurturing social relations in rural areas. The musicians Jigme Drukpa (Bhutan) and Paul Cowlan (U.K./Germany) are embarking on a one month tour to promote music and traditional hospitality set within the vanishing gnaspo network in Bhutan. Start: 01/09/2014 End: 28/09/2014 Project Code: MU002 (Read More)


Volley for Health

In modern Bhutan, urbanisation and associated changes in lifestyle and dietary habits have led to a rise of so called “diseases of civilization”. Diabetes is but one of them and can be observed among all age groups. Rural exodus and youth unemployment have furthermore led to the rise of social issues in the capital Thimphu and district towns. Volley for Health promotes Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Bhutan by developing volleyball programs particularly for kids, youth and women. Volleyball is a non-contact team sport and can be played by all age groups and both men and women alike. Bhutanese culture also nurtures a strong sense of community. Volleyball is therefore very suitable to be promoted as a meaningful leisure activity and school sport in order to increase the well-being of Bhutanese society as a whole. Start: 2014 End: 2015. Project Code: VFH001 (Read More)