August/September 2018, OFEP: Im Oktober war Brotbäckerin Roswitha Huber (Schule am Berg) mit Ulli Cokl (Bhutan Programmleiterin) und Tochter Roswitha im Dorf Ura in Bhutan wo sie einen mehrtägigen Brotbackkurs abhielt. Das Interesse war so überwätligend, dass zukünftige Kurse schon geplant sind 🙂

September 2018, OFEP: Abendessen bei Familie Maria und Christoph Faistauer (Landesschulinspektor) mit den DirektorInnen und LehrerInnen der Landwirtschaftlichen Fachschule Bruck. Überreichung der Urkunden zur Teilnahme am OFEP Programm durch Kristel Josel (Geschäftsführerin) und Ulrike Cokl (Programm- und Projektleitung Bhutan):

August/ September 2018, OFEP: Unsere OFEP-Kandidatinnen 2018, Jungbäuerinnen Tshering Delkar aus Zhemgang und Kuenzang Choeden aus Tang im Lungau:

July/August 2017, OFEP: Die Jungbäuerin Ruth Hötzer befindet sich derzeit in Bhutan auf OFEP Austausch. Am 3. August hielt sie einen sehr erfolgreichen Filzworkshop in Tang:










June 2017, Go Vocational!: Land Salzburg, Landeskorrespondenz, Aktuelle Meldung Salzburger Grenzfälle

June 2017, Go Vocational!: Fa. Ortner, Kachelofen mit System: Engagement

Unser Ofenbauprojekt in den Salzburger Nachrichten

Updates und Bericht zum Ofenbauprojekt 2017

March 2017: Our oven builder team Christof and Silvia of the programme GoVocational! is currently in Bhutan to build the first high quality bread baking oven in Bumthang. This was a request by our OFEP farmer Tashi Wangmo.

March 2017: As part of our long-term programme The Wandering & Storytelling Musicians, Bhutan Network has just completed a promotional tour with Jigme Drukpa in Switzerland. Part of the revenues went into our project funds. We want to thank Jigme and the team!

Till end of this week (19/9) only you can watch this great TV appearance of Tshering and Tashi on the local news in Salzburg: ORF TVTHEK

Our OFEP and candidates in the Salzburger Woche

Our OFEP candidates 2016 are currently in Salzburg on organic farming study tour. Check out the gallery!

Go Vocational! 2016:  Roland Meingast on a so far successful and promising FFM in Bhutan, getting to know local soil/clay and building practices:
roland_bhutan (10)roland_bhutan (5)ca51e65931245377dc9da060463299ed0b8030556069c46238bd8a9bf60a516c





Go Vocational! 2016: Bhutan Network has initiated a Fact Finding Mission (FFM) surrounding the topics of  loam/clay construction and its future for sustainable Bhutanese building practices.  Mr. Roland Meingast from LOPAS, a leading expert on sustainable building with natural materials, will embark on a 2- weeks trip to Bhutan. He was invited by the team of the Royal Institute of Law Project (RIL) to introduce his approach and research to RIL and other interested and relevant agencies. He will also survey the existing infrastructure and explore possibilities for future ventures and collaboration in Bhutan.




Bhutan Network’s OFEP mentioned in Rodale’s Organic Life

OFEP in der bhutanischen Tageszeitung KUENSEL Organic dreams from Alpine Austria (Language: English)

Ein Artikel zu unserem  OFEP Programm in den Pinzgauer Nachrichten (Language: German)

Ein Bericht über The Wandering & Storytelling Musicians 2014 im Pablo  (Language: German)

Ein Bericht über unser OFEP Programm in Salzburg in den Salzburger Nachrichten (Our OFEP programme in the local media in Salzburg. Language: German)

Ein Bericht über unser  Go Vocational! Pilot Ofenprojekt in den Pongauer Nachrichten (Our Go Vocational! programme in the local media in Salzburg. Language: German)



Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP) 2015 : Dechen Dorji and Sonam Chophel, our candidates 2015, are on their way to Austria to learn about organic farming and agriculture in Salzburg. We wish them a successful trip!

OFEP 2015, candidates Dechen Dorji and Sonam Chophel

OFEP 2015, candidates Dechen Dorji and Sonam Chophel

Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP) 2015 : With the kind support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) Bhutan, and in particular the National Organic Programme (NOP), three lecturers of the agricultural technical school Bruck (landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Bruck) embarked on a 3 week long study tour to learn more about organic farming and agriculture in the kingdom. This was the first very successful reciprocal visit within our OFEP programme. The lecturers met with important stakeholders of the ministry and of course with our farmers in Bumthang.


L1080465   DSC00079L1080472




To get an impression please check out our photo gallery: OFEP 2015: Visit to Bhutan



 ADA Jubiläumsbrochure in der auch Bhutan Network vorgestellt wird (S.34)


2015, January, The Wandering & Storytelling Musicians: Paul Cowlan talks about Bhutan and his tour with Jigme Drukpa on German radio: Knallfabet – Sendung für Sprache und Kultur auf Radio X

Photo-Gallery OFEP 2014

IMG_2055 IMG_2040 IMG_2033

2014, November, MEDIA COVERAGE IN AUSTRIA (German language):
Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP) 2014

Bio-Gemüse/Organic Vegetables


baking bread/Brotbacken   Filzen

The Wandering & Storytelling Musicians in the local Bhutanese news: read more

L1060632 L1060636 L1060861 L1060494

2014, September, The Wandering & Storytelling MusiciansThe music project has successfully been launched on Sept. 3rd at Folk Heritage Restaurant in Thimphu. The team is currently on tour towards the East of Bhutan. You can see a short clip here and you can follow Jigme, Paul, Gabriele and Ulli in English and German language on this blog:

DSC00031   DSC00354DSC00673 DSC00189


2014, August, Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP): Article in the Salzburger Nachrichten, the Austrian local news. To read the article in German please click here: Bhutan zu Gast in Salzburg

2014, August, Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP): Tshering Lhaden and Tashi Wangmo are now ready to go on study tour to Austria! We wish them a great journey! We also want to thank all the supporters of this programme!

OFEP 2014, candidates

OFEP 2014, candidates


2014, July: Volley for Health: For a brief report in German on the website of the Austrian Volleyball Federation (ÖVV), click HERE

Sonam Choden has reached her goal to gather the start up funds! Thank you all for your support!

2014, May- July: Fundraising Campaign Indiegogo for a young Bhutanese student

2014, AUGUSTIN 361: An article by Jella Jost about the life of Ulli Cokl in Bhutan based on a Skype interview early 2014. AUGUSTIN is a street newspaper in Vienna, Austria. The proceeds of the sale support homeless people. (Read More)

Photo-Gallery OFEP 2013

OFEP 2013

OFEP 2013

OFEP 2013

OFEP 2013

OFEP 2013

OFEP 2013