Go Vocational! UPDATES

Go Vocational! 2017:

From March 20 to April 5 our oven builder team Christof and Silvia was in Bhutan to construct the first high quality bread-baking oven in Bumthang. The oven was a request  by our OFEP candidate Tashi Wangmo who in 2014 was trained in bread baking in Salzburg by Roswitha Huber. Tashi wants to offer breadbaking workshops to the wider community and whoever is interested. Also the oven shall generate some niche income and promote local grains.

We want to thank our partners, sponsors & donors / Wir danken unseren Partnern und Sponsoren:
artsprojects, Bhutan Homestay, Cargo-PartnerChristof Bader KG, Karl Dahm FliesenwerkzeugLagerhaus Gastein, Ortner GmbH Kachelofen-Systeme, Rotary Club Wien-Gloriette.


Go Vocational! and OFEP 2018: Bread Baking Workshop in Bhutan 

Photos © Dorji Wangchuk

Photos © Silvia Schmid


Go Vocational! 2016:

Bhutan Network has initiated a Fact Finding Mission (FFM) surrounding the topics of  loam/clay construction and its future for sustainable Bhutanese building practices.  Mr. Roland Meingast from LOPAS, a leading expert on sustainable building with natural materials, will embark on a 2- weeks trip to Bhutan. He was invited by the team of the Royal Institute of Law Project (RIL) to introduce his approach and research to RIL and other interested and relevant agencies. He will also survey the existing infrastructure and explore possibilities for future ventures and collaboration in Bhutan.

Go Vocational! 2015:034_Workshop

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Bakeries for Bhutan

Planned and organized by Bhutan Network with their partners in Bhutan, the ovenbuilder, stove- and tile setter Christof Bader from Bad Gastein, Salzburg  embarked on a two weeks tour to Bhutan. He held a workshop at the Technical Training Institute Chummey (TTIC), Bumthang, teaching the foundations of oven building and tile setting in a nutshell. The aim of this pilot project was to explore if it is possible to build ovens in Bhutan by using exclusively local materials. This could strengthen sustainable and integrated regional development in the future considering that home stay tourism is becoming an important additional economic niche and this offers a market for homemade bread.

Keeping the particular approach of Bhutan Network in mind, using local traditions and culture as well as traditional relationships and connections at the grassroots as the starting point, this project was initiated after one of our OFEP candidates 2014 expressed interest in a bread baking oven for her village. Thus we were able to holistically integrate OFEP and Go Vocational! by not only building the bread baking oven sample at the TTIC for a starter, but also by having our OFEP group from Austria test the oven while they were in the kingdom! Additionally our OFEP candidate 2014, Tashi Wangmo, accompanied the group to inspect the result. Tashi spent one week at Roswitha Huber’s Schule am Berg where she learned basics of how to bake bread with traditional recipes and bread stoves.

We are happy to announce that the complementary teamwork of our OFEP and Go Vocational! groups was considered a huge success by all the stakeholders. It also re-assured everyone involved that such ovens do indeed have a future in Bhutan under the condition of applying an integrated and grassroots oriented approach! 

We are very grateful to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Bhutan, our partner in this endeavor. They extended their kind support and provided our oven builder team with the necessary visa and logistics to hold this workshop in Chummey which resulted in a wonderful experience for all.